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culla is a therapeutic and relaxing chair that transmits safety, warmth, relaxation and well-being to the patient. The sitting/lying position can be set using the adjustable handle pressure.

culla provides optimal comfort, whether sitting or lying thanks to its perfect shape and the high-quality padding. The comfortable front-side entrance facilitates the transfer. The pleasant concave shape adapts to the body offering support, security, warmth, and replicates the embryonic position.

culla, developed for patients with physical and mental disabilities, offers relief to patients with muscle problems and weakness, reassures who is affected by Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, aids in the prevention of bedsores, facilitates the sitting for who is suffering from arthritis, gives well-being for people with walking difficulties, strengthens the feeling of well-being and relaxation of individuals with anxiety and depression, encourages embryonic position through its cradle shape intensifying the feeling of warmth and inner peace, sustains patients with stroke, helps the ones that are suffering from Huntington's Chorea and who are in a vigil coma.

culla improves the quality of life and safety of patients who spend most of their time sitting or lying down and not wanting to lose their mobility at home, in nursing homes, in hospitals, or in therapy centres and clinics.

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