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About us

Elmi-Reha is a company founded in 1997, which belongs to Elmi Ltd based in Kaltern/Caldaro, South Tyrol - Italy. Elmi-Reha´s first years were spent working as a distributor for german and scandinavian brands, looking to sell in Italy. A couple of years later, we decided to start in South Tyrol our own production of stability and walking-aids MOVITA. This verticalizing and mobility device is used for rehabilitation in case of neurologic and orthopedic disorders, as well as of cardiovascular mobilisation, or of general equilibrium and balance problems. Later on we launched the production of our therapy and relaxing chair CULLA. Thanks to the comfortable trough shape (supportive fetal positioning), the patient rests in a secure and warm feeling, where relaxing and well-being sensations are enhanced. Elmi-Reha sells and delivers its products far beyond the italian borders, but our production remains in South Tyrol. We live and work in exciting times. New possibilities come up on a daily basis. New materials and developments allow us to think up innovative solutions. And our specialized competences help us operate succefully in the field. Because the world population is aging and the quality of life expectations are increasing, it becomes essential to offer designed products made for this specific target group. The care for elderly people with special needs can only be guaranteed with the right successful, functional and appropriate supply of aiding equipments.